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20 years ago I was building high-rises in the corporate world. The structure and plans done for these high-rises were solely focused on the corporations and not on the people who will be living in them.

They say "be the change you want to see in the world." That is when I knew I had to be that change.

I left the corporate world to create #TheSherhillDifference by offering construction services focusing on people and not the corporation. This means building the person's success in the projects that they envision. Over the years, I have built a team of professionals to help every step of the way of the construction process. From the initial planning, to the designing, and to the building of the project. By setting the client up for success it was beneficial to us all and one that I am proud to continue to build.

Our proactive approach has helped us to stay focused on our client's vision which is the focal point that we use to continue to strive and ensure our success in bringing their blueprint to life.

Kevin Belem

Kevin Belem
Sherhill Construction

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