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In-House Structural Engineers

Make sure your home is safe and stable with the residential structural engineers from Sherhill Construction. Our in-house team will help you expedite your construction or remodeling project while ensuring that everything is up to code and built to last. Get in touch with us and schedule a design consultation by calling (437) 500-3700. 

When Do You Need a Structural Engineer?

Our structural designers and inspectors are a valuable resource for a variety of different situations involving changes to your home. With an in-depth knowledge of what it takes for a building to stand strong against the elements and physical force, our licensed structural engineers can help you feel confident in your house. 

Some of our most common applications include:

  • Calculating the stress your building may encounter
  • Ensuring that structures meet building regulations
  • Evaluating hazards in your area
  • Creating and testing models using computer software
  • Monitoring the construction project for safety
  • Collaborating on the design of your project
  • Evaluating older buildings for structural integrity 

Types of Jobs for Structural Engineers

Renovation Projects

If you are making changes that involve the stability of your home, then a structural engineer can be a worthwhile or necessary part of the process. Tasks such as modifying doors, windows, or internal walls will benefit from having an engineer calculate an accurate design plan to ensure everything is up to code.

Building Additions or Layout Changes

If you are considering adding to your house, our qualified engineers will be able to ensure that your existing structure will be able to handle the load properly. By carefully measuring the reinforcement needed, you will be able to complete your project without any issues.

Structural Inspections

If you have had recent damage to your property or are thinking about purchasing a new home, our experts will be able to help you understand any structural damage. Our detailed assessments will be able to find any underlying issues and then provide you with an honest outlook of what it will take to resolve them. 

Speed Up Your Building Project with Our In-House Engineers

One of the benefits of hiring us for your upcoming building or remodeling project is that we already have all the services you will need at your disposal. Thanks to our local team of structural engineers, we avoid the time required to locate a qualified source to ensure that your project is properly calculated and meets all the local regulations. 

Cohesive Construction Projects with Our Structural Engineers

Because our entire team is under one roof and comfortable working with each other, we can guarantee a smooth project from start to finish. Our emphasis on open communication ensures that nothing is overlooked during the design or construction process and that our entire team is kept up to date throughout your job. 

Speak with a Structural Engineer Today

If you have any questions for our structural engineers or would like to schedule our services, it is as simple as giving us a call. Reach us at (437) 500-3700 to start discussing your project and let us get to work on the details. 

Contact us now to schedule a consultation!