11 Questions to Consider Before Starting a Remodeling Project

Remodeling projects can be exciting but also overwhelming. You can help alleviate some stress by going into the project prepared. At Sherhill Construction, we’ve been working in the remodeling industry for many years and have encountered many different situations that have allowed us to establish a strong foundation of knowledge.

In this blog post, we would like to share some of our remodeling expertise by providing you with 11 questions to answer to get the most out of your remodeling project. By thoroughly considering these questions before getting started on your remodel, you’ll be able to feel confident throughout the entire process and guarantee successful renovations.

1. What Is Your Budget?

Before dreaming big and setting your sights on a remodeling project that’ll bankrupt you, it’s good to have a general idea of what you can afford to spend. Knowing what you have to work with will also be beneficial when you approach a remodeling company so that they can plan within your financial limitations. Any reputable contractors should be able to complete the project within the quote that they provide.

2. What Is the Most Important Aspect of Your Renovations?

Once your budget is determined, you may have to compromise on some aspects of your design. To ensure that you still get results you’re happy with, it can help to rank your remodeling ideas in order of importance.

For example, instead of giving your entire kitchen a makeover, you may want to focus on the new countertops that you’ve always wanted. By focusing on the features that are most important to you, you’ll be able to get excited about the project without getting in over your head.

3. What Is Your Ideal Timeline?

Planning your design, acquiring the necessary permits, and performing remodeling construction all take time, so it’s essential to know about any time constraints you have for the job. Setting a timeline and finding a contracting company that’s available and willing to work with your deadline is a great place to start. That being said, it’s also a good idea to leave yourself a little wiggle room with your deadline so that you don’t have to take any shortcuts with the final product if there are delays.

4. Will It Impact Your Daily Routine?

Depending on which rooms in your property you’re renovating, you may have to deal with some inconvenience. Not being able to use your kitchen or bathroom can impact your usual routine, so it’s wise to understand what you are getting into and plan accordingly so you’re not caught by surprise when you can’t access a room undergoing construction.

5. When Should You Contact Professionals?

Even the most straightforward home renovations can become major projects if something unexpected occurs, so it’s wise to hire certified contractors if you’re unfamiliar with the tasks you’re undertaking. Not only will professional remodelers take the guesswork and YouTube video watching out of the process, but they’ll also typically be able to provide precise work and complete the job with maximum efficiency. With a professional contractor, you may end up saving money in the long run because everything will be done correctly the first time around.

6. What Types of Materials Do You Want to Use?

The types of materials you buy for your renovations can affect many aspects of the project. Not only will they be a factor in your budget, but you may also have to spend time waiting for your materials to arrive if they aren’t immediately available. Fortunately, there are many different options for building materials these days, so you should never feel limited by your choices.

7. How Can You Use Your Space Wisely?

Although it’s easy to get carried away with everything you’d like to add to your home, it’s also important to create a space that’s pleasant to live in. Try to develop a theme for your renovations and stick to it, as this will make it easier to create a cohesive design that isn’t overcrowded and cluttered. Focus on creating a floorplan that complements the room’s primary function and improves your overall living space.

8. Will Permits Be Required?

Depending on the scale of your project and your local jurisdiction, you may need permits to complete your renovations. Permits are important to ensure that your building remains structurally sound and meets fire safety standards. Failing to acquire the appropriate permits can result in fines and other issues down the line, so save yourself the headache by taking the time to get approval at the beginning.

9. What’s the Weather Like?

Although you can’t change the weather, you can plan around it. If you have any remodeling tasks that will require outdoor work, try to schedule them on days without harsh weather. Whether your project involves wood cutting, painting, replacing windows, or laying a patio, you should never forget to take the forecast into account.

10. Can Your Contractors Handle the Entire Project?

Coordinating multiple remodeling companies can complicate the process, so it’s always better to stick to a single company whenever possible. Working with one team of contractors will ensure that nothing is miscommunicated and that your remodel stays true to your original vision.

It may also be good to work with a company that’ll provide you with a project manager who will be your primary contact, keeping you updated and facilitating your input throughout your remodel.

11. Will the Renovations Affect Your Property Value?

Finally, it’s worth considering the potential return on your investment with your remodeling project. If you plan on listing your home anytime soon, it’s wise to focus on renovations that you know will boost your resale value. Although you don’t have to make this your first consideration, you can keep it in the back of your mind when brainstorming remodeling ideas.

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